KThe Soul of India Lives in its Village Tour

The Soul of India Lives in its Village - AHM : 1197

Realize the stark contrast between Indian rural and urban lifestyle on this day-long journey. The tour takes you to a traditional Maharashtrian Village and an ‘Adivasi’ (tribal) village on the other side of the city. Witness the authentic country life at its best, take part in the daily life activities of the villagers and experience their lives like never before.


Most travelers come to India and visit the usual places. How about experiencing something different – how about experiencing the REAL India. She is beautiful, diverse, culturally rich, nature’s wonderland. How about having a chance to witness this magic in a safe, welcoming and pure environment!

ACTIVE HOLIDAYS has scoured literally the villages. We ride around for days meet long forgotten tribes, live with hunter gathers….to bring you the best. Our locations are all handpicked for their beauty, culture, uniqueness and most of all – their people.

We had a mix of torrential rainfall and beautiful sunny blue skies. Photographer and traveler experience, said that Active village have some of the most beautiful natural lighting, landscapes, people and Scenery…and that a visit to THANE village is a very special.We agree!! And invite you to experience some of these amazing Moments. The Village showcases some snippets into the lives of the People at the village and the scenes are typical of Active Holidays Experience. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.


We will pick you up from your hotel at 8:30 by an A/C car, from there we will take you to the nearby village. Upon reaching the village you observe and explore the life of the locals as you make your way into the village. Interact with the villagers, know more about their way of living and take part in their daily life activities like :


Explore Nature.
Draw water from the well, Milk a goat, Chop woods, Live a rural life.
Post all these activities, relish on an authentic and traditional village lunch.
On the completion of this rustic visit, you will be escorted back to the Hotel with treasured memories.

Cost :

Per person based on 1 Pax Per person based on 2 Pax onwards
Rs. 7150/- Rs. 3960/-