Dharavi The Local Way

Dharavi The Local Way - AHM : 1188


In this tour you experience the real Dharavi in a local way. We ride the life line of Mumbai the local trains. Also, experience the local taxi ride.

Ride in a famous suburban train, Discover a side of Dharavi beyond its ignominious distinction of being known as the largest slum in Asia. Witness how it is home to multitudes of home-based businesses which churn out a wide range of goods and products. Its residents are natives of various parts of India and yet exist harmoniously as one unit to face adverse living conditions with a determination to earn a decent living. Drive around town in a typical black and yellow taxi exploring the prominent places in Mumbai.


Meet at Regal Cinema, Colaba with your guide. From here we take a local taxi ride from Colaba to Churchgate station [ 2 kms ]. Disambark and visit the famous Stadium Restaurant. Its one of the few authentic Irani Restaurant which exists in Mumbai. The ambience takes you back to the 60's – 70's to relish the Mumbai breakfast delicacies. Have a sumptuous breakfast and continue your tour.

From Churchgate station we take the train to Mahim station.At Churchgate station the Guest will see how the people stand in the Ticket Counter Queue and take their tickets to reach their offices. Now the guests will be escorted towards the platform to board the Local Train for Mahim station,local train are the major means of transport in Mumbai.

This Tour will give you an opportunity to experience the Mumbai Local Train. The Guests will be escorted out from the Mahim station from there the guest will head to the Dharavi slums - Asia's largest slum, Dharavi, lies on prime property right in the middle of India's financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay). It is home to more than a million people.

Dharavi also has a large number of thriving small-scale industries that produce embroidered garments, export quality leather goods, pottery, plastic and many more. Most of these products are made in tiny manufacturing units spread across the slum and are sold in domestic as well as international markets.

Metal and plastic comes from all over the world to Dharavi to be recycled. See the entire recycling process from sorting to the finished plastic pellets.The tin hutments that house so many human lives stretch on as far as you can see. You will never forget this view!

To enhance our experience further, we hop on to a Black and yellow local taxi from Dharavi slums to Churchgate station [Victoria terminus], which is a historic railway station and serves as the headquarters of the Central Railways.

The station was designed by Frederick William Stevens, a consulting architect in 1887-1888, for the princely sum of 16.14 lakh rupees. The station stands as an example of 19th century railway architectural marvels for its advanced structural and technical solutions. It was put on the UNESCO World Heritage List on July 2, 2004.

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