Holi Reloaded 2018

Holi Reloaded 2018 - AHM : 1204

2019 will witness an epic Holi with Plus 91 Holi Reloaded new edition, in association with the entertainment partner Box Celebrity League. We bring you top International and Indian DJs this year at Holi Reloaded. We assure this Holi is going to be groovier, crazier, bigger and more colorful and much louder!

Holi Reloaded is a kaleidoscope of bright colors, beautiful smiles and unforgettable memories, all brought together by electronic dance music right in the heart of Mumbai. It's the largest Electronic Music Festival in India recording more than 5000 revelers last year and has hosted international acts like Juno Reactor, Leon Bolier, and Mark Sixma.

The headlining acts include Mighty Fools and Estiva! Other artists include Ankytrixx, Clement, The Electroverts, Beyond 120, Litmus Big (Live), Amit Makwana, Neyha Tolani, Ryan O'Neil, One and One, Mihir, Bunty Datar and Mel and Mani. This year, it is back with another 8 hours of magic featuring some of the biggest artists!

Holi Reloaded is an amalgamation of happy people, crazy music and a brilliant setup, doing justice to the beautiful festival that is Holi. Over 5100 people have had the best Holi in the past year at Holi Reloaded. You know you wanna be a Reload-er, too.

It isn't just us Indians celebrating Holi here. People from all around the world get together and make for a super happy crazy crowd .Over 150 celebrities have been a part of Holi Reloaded in the past 2 years. There are gonna be many more this year, too. Starstruck much?

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