Khotachiwadi Tour

Khotachiwadi Tour - AHM : 1178

Khotachiwadi is a Heritage village in Girgaon, Mumbai. If being in 21st century if one want to go back to past and know how was old Mumbai some 100 to 150 years before, then this is a place to be seen. This is Mumbai's oldest preserved settlement. It is comprised of a collection of charming vernacular-style houses, a unique example of 19th century architecture that has survived the onslaught of the modern builder. As you stroll down the unique streetscape of this heritage precinct, you will pass by the beautifully-painted buttercup yellow, red and green cottages belonging to the East Indian community that settled in this area in the early-1800s.

It was founded by Khot, a Pathare prabhu, who sold plots of land to local East Indian families. There used to be 65 of these houses, now reduced to 28 as old buildings are being pulled down to make way for new skyscrapers. Houses are made of wood, with a large open front verandah, a back courtyard and an external staircase to access the top bedroom. Most of the residents now descend from the original inhabitants of Bombay. Recently Gujaratis, Marwaris have moved into the area.


09:30 hrs

After the breakfast guests will be met by our representative and the Tourist Guide. We drive to Khotachiwadi located in Girgaon which is 30 minutes drive from your Hotel (Colaba area).

10:00 – 11:00 hrs

Arrive at Khotachiwadi, the guide will show all old buildings which were built in 18th century and explain the architecture and history of the people residing here. In Central Heart of Mumbai between lots of famous Markets still lies Small Cottages and Gaons (orchards) which is called WADI (vadi) in Hindi and Marathi language. Few of them are Fanas wadi, Amba wadi and a very beautiful Old Mumbai still very well preserved is 'Khotachi Wadi'. The lanes of Kotachi wadi are still zig zag and one is sure to get confused to go through it. Beautiful old style Bungalows and AMCHI Mumbai's Mumbaikers are still Cottage and Wadi lovers here and have a lifestyle like Old Goans. Most of the people are still staying on rent from long and it is said that none of them want this place to re-developed, replacing it with new skylines of Mumbai. They all want to preserve this Heritage.

11:00 hrs – 11:30 hrs

Depart from Khotachiwadi for your Hotel. (In case of Groups more than 05 Pax, then only we can take them for a visit to Ms. Marianel Baptista or Mr. James Pereira house for Hi tea. The guest will get traditional welcome from the family and they will sit for the Tea and their beautiful hall. While having tea Ms. Marianel Baptista or Mr. James Pereira house will give them more information about their culture and variety of their heritage buildings – This will be at a supplement cost).


After the Tea leave for the Hotel.

Tour Ends