Art Walk Tour

Art Walk Tour - AHM : 1175


  • Walk through the Art Precinct of Mumbai's British Heritage District.
  • Vibrant world of contemporary Indian painting and sculpture.
  • Visit several Galleries showcasing different schools of Indian art


Pick from the Hotel with an English Speaking Guide & Drive to Kala Ghoda (Black Horse), Its a crescent shaped sub-precinct that has developed into a prominent cultural center in Mumbai.

The distinctively highlighted crescent shape is transformed into a Cultural center house with a vivid collection of Heritage structures including Victorian Neo-Gothic, Indo Saracenic, Renaissance Revival and Edwardian Neo Classical styles.

During the walk, you will be introduced to the history of Mumbai's beautiful Heritage buildings, and visit the galleries showcasing different schools of Indian Art. The walk attempts to give you a firsthand understanding of Modern Indian Art and its Evolution from the early 1900s to the present day. They have questioned the role and function of an artist in a country like India, and established a distinct identity and idiom for Indian Art.

If you are looking to buy a piece of contemporary Indian art, please let the guide know before the tour begins. Since this is a group walk, you can use the walk as the first step to identify something that you like and perhaps come back later to buy it. Starts at the National Gallery of Modern Art, opposite the Prince of Wales Museum.

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