Bollywood Tour in Mumbai

Bollywood Tour in Mumbai - AHM : 1180

India is still the largest film producer of the world, producing an average of 1000 films a year. Since 1931, when the talkies were introduced, India has produced more than 67,000 films in more than 30 languages.

14:00 hrs

Arrival at Film location, Meet and Greet by the Bollywood Guide. He will then provide an introduction to the guests informing them about the origin and evolution of the Indian Film Industry (Bollywood) ranging from the silent era to talkies to current date.

15:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs

A special dance performance by Bollywood Dancers will be presented. A presenter will brief guest about Bollywood era gone by. The history and the mechanics of shooting followed by a dance number by the artists. You are free to join and experience the Bollywood beats. The Guests will then be escorted to various shoots and will be allowed to watch shootings of Feature Films, T.V. Serials or Ad-Films. They will be given an exciting insight into the mechanics and conduct of a shooting.

16:00 hrs – 17:00 hrs

Guests will also experience the feel of a recording studio. Understand the VFX working and get amazed. Then guest will be escorted back to the gates where they will be received by our Representative. From here we proceed to Juhu and Bandra, to take glimpse of the most famous Film Star Houses (from outside).

17:30 hrs

We further drive to city to now watch a Bollywood movie being screened at the famous Regal / Eros Theatre. These are single screen theatres where the biggest blockbusters of Bollywood have been premiered in the presence of galaxy of Stars. same theatre where major Blockbusters where premiered & released. These theatres still have the Old Charm the comfort and have not given way to the Multiplexes.

18:30 hrs

We now arrive at the Theatre to watch Bollywood movie, the Mumbai way. It is real experience to sit and watch a movie with a local crowd the local way as it was. The Clients will be escorted to the Auditorium accompanied by our Representative for the convenience. Local Snacks like Samosas, Cold Drinks or cutting chai will be served during the Interval.

21:00 hrs

Later after the movie the guest shall be transferred to Alibaba BBQ & Sea Food Restaurant, After Dinner proceeds back to the Hotel.

Regal Theatre

Regal was designed by Charles Stevens, the son of the famous 19th century architect, F. W. Stevens. Its interiors with extensive mirror-work were designed by Czech artist, Karl Schara. The main auditorium had a motif of sunrays in pale orange and jade green. Its interiors were designed to create an impression of airiness, coolness and size in harmony with the modern simplicity of the exteriors. Regal was executed completely in reinforced cement concrete (RCC), fully air conditioned, and had an underground parking lot for patrons. The elevator up from the parking lot was a major innovation at the time. Today, it is a multi-use building combining a theatre with shops at street level.

Eros Theatre

This theatre was built during the cinema boom of the '30s during which Eros opened its doors in 1938. Mr. Shiavax S. Cambata established Eros Theatre in the year 1938 at Church gate the very heart of the business center. The theatre offers a widest range of entertainment of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. EROS was the Premier Theatre to install a wide-angle screen and the latest in sound and film projection system in those days.

Tour Ends