A Meal with Indian Family

A Meal with Indian Family - AHM : 1176

A meal with an Indian family' allows the visitor to Mumbai city to soak in the Indian home culture first hand. The guest becomes the family guests and spends an evening interacting and exchanging notes on the Indian family, cooking styles, do and don'ts. This activity will allow you, dear visitor, to take a peek into an Indian household. The guests are invited into the kitchen and welcome to participate in the Indian way of cooking home food along with their hostess.

The evening begins early. The guests arrive at 16:00 hrs. On arrival, the guest is welcomed in the traditional style and served homemade juices and savouries. A first time guest into the Indian home has lot to ask and chat with their hostess; about the ways of living, marriage, family systems, children, social systems.

At 17:00 hrs the hostess then takes the guest to the market to buy the fresh vegetables and meat for the dinner.

18:00 hrs back at the house and the dinner preparation begins. The guest is then invited into the kitchen to participate hands on in preparing the meal. The meal will be an elaborate Maharashtrian fare including vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes. The meal comprises of 1 chicken gravy OR 1 fish, 1 vegetable, rice OR poories, dal and Indian desert. Along with the meal there is a choice of Indian Wine or Beer.

Dinner will be ready to serve at 20:00 hrs

When you will say your goodbye, you will take back with you fond memories of a day spent with a family, you would have also forged new friendships.

  • This activity can be conducted in 2 sessions
  • Morning session – 11.00 a.m. to 1500 hrs
  • Evening session- 1600 hrs – 2100 hrs
  • If the guest is interested, he/she can accompany the hostess to the market.
  • If a lady guest is interested, she can experience draping of the Indian Saree.
  • Tour restrict for 06 Pax Max.
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