Hot Air Balloon Experience Tour

If you're looking for a bucket list experience while you are in Goa, then have a ride in a hot air balloon. Its something you won't forget!


  • Enjoy those first rays of the Sun creep up in the distance and transform into magnificent sunrise.
  • Feel the adrenaline rush as your flight makes for the 2000 ft altitude.


Start the day early today, you will meet our driver at the hotel lobby. The drive timing will purely be based on the location of your hotel, approx 60 min's. The adventure begins with the inflation of the balloon by motorized fans. The experienced pilot will join in the beautiful crafted wicker basket, small briefing by the pilot on arrival. The basket can accommodate 08-10 adults at one flight, so that everyone has room to enjoy the flight to the fullest.

As you gently take off, the sun rays will surely be amazing and stunner. The flight also gives you 360-degree view, allowing breathtaking photographs. The flight will last for about an hour.

So where are you heading? Well only the wind knows as a hot air balloon flies only where it is blown. The pilot only has control of the altitude making it quite an adventure as the ground team chases the balloon with which they remain in contact by radio.

The hot air balloon flight is so smooth, in fact you would doubt whether you were even moving until you look down and could see the ground below passing you by. As you fly over villages, making for a wonderful bird's eye view of life as a local.

So what goes up, must come down! After choosing the perfect place to land the hot air balloon. This adds an extra sense of excitement to the ride. The pilot and the team will guide the balloon to a gentle stop.The ground crew will be on track with the balloon over the ground so that they can be ready for the landing and ensure a smooth and safe operation.

Later enjoy some tea/snacks arranged for you and then head to your Resort after this unique experience.

Tour Ends