Elephanta Caves with Bollywood Tour

Elephanta Caves - AHM : 1216

Arrive at the Indira docks / Green Gate, complete the immigration formalities and meet our representative and guide at the exit gate of the arrival hall and proceed to the Gateway of India to take the catamaran for Elephanta.

No visit to Mumbai is complete without visiting the Elephanta Caves. This is a must see for all history lovers. This place you would explore the true excavations pertaining to the rich ancient history of India.

We take the first boat at 0900 hrs from the jetty at the famous Gateway of India. The boat takes an hour to reach the Elephanta Island. There area total of seven major excavations and you'll be able to explore the history behind the artefacts and structures found therein. There exist a spacious hall supported by huge pillars, which are characteristic of architecture as old as 6th and 7th centuries. A massive three-headed Shiva sculpture stands therein, which is one of the major attractions in the caves. The Guide will take you through 3 caves. He would explain you the unique feature of each of these caves in detail. These 3 caves are all distinct from each with a unique feature: one is a large Hindu Cave, the other is a Buddhist cave, and the final one is a cave dedicated to the God Shiva. The central sculpture represents Shiva's three aspects as creator, preserver and destroyer. Return back to the pier at 1330 hrs.

Bollywood Tour

In the last few years, India is synonymous with its movies. The Bollywood as they call it here. The Indian Film Industry is today the largest in the world producing a staggering 1000 plus films a year. We make films in more than 30 languages.

This Tour we call it a Bollywood experience. It gets you close and into the magical world of Bollywood. Your Guide meets you at the exit gate of the Cruise Terminal and we proceed for this activity.

14:00 hrs

Pick up from the Cruise Terminal gate by our Bollywood Guide. He will then provide an introduction to the brief history of the film industry in India and its evolution.

15:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs:

We reach the Bollywood Studio. A warm welcome in the auditorium and our experience starts from here. A special dance performance by Bollywood Dancers will be presented. The presenter will then brief you about Bollywood era gone by. We show you the history and the mechanics of shooting followed by another dance number by the artists. Don’t hold yourself back here, feel free to join the dancers on the stage and learn a thing or two of Bollywood moves. Wethen proceed to the film sets. Immerse yourself and feel the magic of the movie creation. These sets look real. Take pics inside the mock Jail or pose in the mock Court whilst being sentenced. These are memories you will never forget. Now its time to see some live action. Witness a live shoot ( subject to shooting in progress at the time of the activity ). You will be allowed in the live set and be able to see the shoot from a distant as you would not want to disturb the Actor and the crew in their work. In case if the Actor / Actress is on a break and with prior permission or request, you can interact with them and take some pics.

16:00 hrs – 17:00 hrs :

After watching a live shoot, now we experience a dubbing and recording Studio. For some of you, who always had a desire to sing in a professional Studio, now is the chance. Get all this recorded on your mobile by our Guide and take them as memories or to show to your friends what experience you had and your Tour was just not about taking pics from the comfort of your car. This tour gets you the best and closest experience of Bollywood. After this its time to wrap our day and head back to the Cruise Terminal. For some of you, who wish to see how the biggest Bollywood Stars live, we have special surprise for them. We will drive past the houses of these Stars and show where they live and how they live (from outside). In time drop at the Cruise Terminal.